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Introducing Denter Clothing; a New Eco-Conscious Clothing Brand for People Who Value Their Individuality
August 16, 2022

Denter Clothing (also trading as “Denter” and “Dent Cloth“) was established in 2019 by Founder, Lead Designer, and Sole Proprietor: David Venter – a South African Artist, Content Creator, Designer, and Entrepreneur with a passion for fashion. 

Denter Clothing is a Premium Graphic Print and Embroidery clothing brand with an eco-friendly focus on sustainability and climate impact. Denter Clothing is produced on-demand, thereby minimizing over-production, and cutting down on carbon emissions for bulk shipping and warehousing. Each order placed through the dentcloth.com online store is individually manufactured, and Denter Clothing only manufactures in bulk for third-party retail distribution partners at strict and sustainable maximum order quantity limits. 

Denter Clothing also minimizes their footprint by working remotely and with retail partners rather than maintaining their own office and retail spaces. The Denter Clothing team consists of remote designers, collaborators, and production and shipping partners from Africa, The Americas, and Europe. 

The Denter Clothing online store opens to the public in September 2022 and they ship worldwide. 

The name Denter is a play on words of the founder’s name; David Venter. It also means “to make a dent”, and they’re here to make a dent in the fashion industry. They’ve also created their own meaning for the word; “Denter is someone who is different than what is considered normal or typical; someone who behaves, lives, or thinks differently. This includes rebels of societal norms, neurodivergent individuals, and anyone who is considered different or unique.

Denter Clothing designs are made for people who value their individuality. Wearing the Denter or Dent Cloth brand means that you’re proudly displaying your divergence from mainstream societal norms, and that you’re supporting an eco-conscious fashion industry.” – David Venter (Founder, Lead Designer)

Media outlets may visit the Denter Clothing website at https://dentcloth.com and may follow Denter Clothing on Twitter @dentcloth for official launch notifications; Estimated launch date: September, 2022.

Pre-launch access to the Denter Clothing website will be provided to media outlets upon request. Media outlets may contact Denter Clothing by email to request pre-launch access to the Denter Clothing website, online store, and product catalog. The Denter Clothing website also contains detailed information about the business, manufacturing process, and sustainability practices.

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