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Stainless Steel Tumbler: Stay Moist

STAY MOIST with the DENTER JUICE INJECTOR*! This reusable tumbler with a metal straw is a perfect combo for hot or cold drinks at any time of the day.

Yeah, we know… It’s not cloth, it’s metal, but we need you to drink your water and stay hydrated! Add to cart! Checkout! Add liquid of choice! Sip Sip! Stay Moist!


• High-grade reusable stainless steel tumbler
• 20 oz (600 ml)
• Straw and lid included with the tumbler
• Matte finish
• Protective color layer (varnish)

The Tumbler features vibrant “STAY MOIST” and “DENTER JUICE INJECTOR” prints, along with darker styled prints; “THIRSTY, MOIST, WET, JUICY, SWALLOW, WET, SIP SIP, FRESH, SO MOIST”

*This is not an injector, it’s just a tumbler with a metal straw but we named it the DENTER JUICE INJECTOR because it sounds pretty epic. You’re welcome!

• Tumbler size: 3.11″ × 8.42″ (7.9 cm × 21.4 cm)

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